Placement of hydro energy on small isolated grids

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For the people who are working in the field of rural electrification, the problem of synchronisation between demand and production of electricity is recurrent. Depending on your power source, it may be benign (if you are using fuel-powered engines) or of utmost importance (the fluctuating RE , such as wind or solar energy).

Indeed, in the case of a hydro power plant with no dam, your seasonal and daily variations may not match the fluctuations of your demand curve to such an extent that you are unable to use most of the electricity you might produce, would you be connected to a national grid capable of absorbing your excess of production.

The main softwares for this type of calculations are HOMER and RETScreen. However, HOMER has a very gross numerical model of simulation for hydro energy, and RETScreen mathematical model, based on a statistical approach does not allow discriminating different types of load curves (i.e. : week days / week-ends).

You will find here a software (a spreadsheet) to solve that kind of simulation. Some (extremely) basic macros are used, so you must enable them in your software (Excel - the macros are in VisualBasic. The OpenOffice version is coming soon ..)


  • Display in 3 languages: English (UK), French, Spanish.
  • 2 primary loads (1 for the residential area, and the second one for the industrial area, for example) , with separate daily load curves, weekly organisation (for working days and non-working days), seasonal variations, long-term variations (variables increase rate every year).
  • Simulation of a hydrology curve based on monthly average values. Alternatively, daily values may be used.
  • Choice of turbine type with associated efficiency curves. Possibility to have 2 similar turbines (same type and same size). Possibility to enter your ownefficiency curve.
  • Calculates the demand in 8760 hourly steps per year, over 20 years, and matches it with the production curve, to obtain the amount of energy which may be absorbed by the loads, and displays the result year after year.
  • Sensitivity analysis for the hydrology of the river.

The automatic calculation have been disabled (for the sake of being able to used it on old computers). So press the button, or the ‘F9′ key to proceed to the calculations.

User’s manual

The software (zipped - 37 Mb)

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