A small case of rural electrification

Posté le 24 juillet 2009 @ 10:35 par Manfred

 I just finished a small project of rural electrification in west Germany (yes, there are still some places without electricity in Germany !). We used  a hybrid PV-wind system with batteries, based on a lot of second-equipments which had been given. An interesting practical experience.

 A slideshow presenting the project in its first phase.

Update from January 2011 :

During the next summer (2010), we went back to the place to do the annual maintenance  and advance the electrification of the place. The batteries still seemed in a quite good state, and the inhabitant had no system failure to report save for the fact that during the shortest days of  winter, there was not enough energy available.

We checked the whole system and found it in good state. The first  time we came, we were able to install only one of the two wind turbines, due to a deficient bridge rectifier on the second one. We came back with the needed component and could then rig up the second turbine. We also did the maintenance of the first turbine.

In addition we wired the whole house. Fire safety was a long debated issue as the whole building is in wood and some rooms are barns with straw.

We have unfortunately no datalogger there. But the measurements  we did seem to indicate that the energy production of the two small pv panels is much more than the one of the wind turbines, although they have a higher rated power and they are located at a fairly good spot (on top of a 5 meters mat, with an important clearing, in the slope of the mountain, with the wind going in a direction or the opposite one depending on the time of the day, similarly to what happen on seashores).

The feedback from the inhabitant the next winter (2010-2011) indicated that, again, the system produces too little energy during the winter, i.e. almost all the available energy comes from the PV panels and not from the turbines.

Our test readings  while we were there did not indeed show a lot of output from these turbines.

Problem ? It might be simply that the chosen model (not our choice ! - it was an endowment ) is not suitable for this location : they are designed for marine use (boating) with winds at higher speeds and better suited for a short wiring …

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