Building a Scheffler solar concentrator

Posté le 26 mai 2010 @ 23:28 par Manfred

The Scheffler parabolic solar concentrator is a special type of solar concentrator well adapted to small-scale thermal uses in rural areas. Its main particularity is to have a fixed focal area, no matter the time of the day or the day of the year. This enables uses in many thermal processes which would be out of question otherwise, such as baking, pasteurization, distilation, cremation and so on. It is also possible to mix this solar power input with more classical burners (wood or gas, for example).

Its main other characteristic is to use a single axis solar tracking, and yet to be able to do 2-axis tracking by modifying the shape of the parabola.

Building one (2,7 square meters) took us about 3 weeks for the experiment. If you ask me my opinion, Wolfgang Scheffler found a very clever geometrical design but the engineering of the appliance still relies too much on the know-how of the manufacturing team to be reliable.
Interesting work could be done there.

Wolfgang Scheffler’s web site :

The workshop’s report.

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