How to design an off-grid electrical system (for dummies)

Posté le 29 octobre 2013 @ 16:06 par Manfred

Work in progress – this document is not completed yet,
Come back later to my web site and check out if a newer version is available,
or email me !

So you want to live off-grid but you know nothing about electricity ?

This document will explain you the basics you need to understand how an off-grid system works and how to design one, powered by solar modules and batteries with a generator as back-up.


Read here : ->How to design an off-grid electrical system (pdf format) <-

Length : 20 pages.

Contents :

  • Basic notions to understand electrical systems
  • Understandig the different functions of the various components in a system
  • AC or DC ?
  • Notions to understand and choose batteries, generator, solar panels and small wind turbines
  • Role of electrical protections and MPP trackers
  • Sizing of components

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