Toward a 100 % renewable French electric system

Posté le 5 décembre 2013 @ 17:34 par Manfred

While I was working for the ADEME (the French governmental agency for environment and energy), I had the opportunity to initiate a study called (in French) Cap 100% EnRe 2050.

The purpose of this study is to assess the conditions and consequences of transforming the French electrical system to reach a very high rate of renewables by 2050 - ideally 100%.

There have been many studies on this topic around the world but most of them have not addressed the following issues :

  • Simulating the balance in the grid between supply and demand
  • Calculating the power flows in the transportation grid  to assess what grid extensions would be required
  • Assess the grid stability

Only 2 studies do address these issues : the American NREL’s Renewable Energy Futures Study and the German SRU’s Pathways towards a 100% renewable electricity supply. So the ADEME will be the third governmental institution in the world to command such scientific work.

The technical specifications of the call for tenders can be found here (in French).

Update, October 2015 :

The study has been released officially. It may be downloaded here.

A dedicated web site has been created to present in a very summarized and didactic way the results :

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