The petrol addiction

The industrialised society is an addict.
And its drug is the petrol.

Let us have a quick look at the typical behaviour of an addicted person:

  • He takes drugs not because it is necessary for him, but because it brings him some fun, some comfort.
  • He knows that his drug habit is bad for his health.
  • He will justify to others and himself the use of drugs as being benign or even necessary
  • He is sometimes in denial of his addiction and the risks involved

Doesn’t this description apply to our society and petrol ?

The truth is that we have been knowing the problems of petrol and hydrocarbons for a very long time: pollution, greenhouse effect, dependency to producing countries…
We have been knowing it all for more than a generation, exactly like a drug-addict knew there are risks from the beginning .. but we still carry on !

The reason to this is that, exactly like drug addicts, we cannot get rid of it, even thought we know we should, and even thought it would be possible to live without it : the change requires too much effort for us.

So we keep poisoning ourselves and pretending everything is ‘under control ‘.